STRIVE for FIVE. Our Referral Program WORKS.

Where else can you buy a car and GET PAID for your referrals? Even get your loan PAID OFF? We’re proud of our Referral Program because it helps you by putting more cash in your pocket PLUS you’re helping others get the transportation they need to get to school and work.

We want everyone to Strive for Five referrals. It’s possible! Just ask Felicia Newman, who has four referrals, only one to go before her loan payoff:

“I just got my car last February. My referrals came from people who needed cars, mostly family - my dad, cousins. Keep asking people because there's always somebody you know who needs a car. A place like Advantage Auto, because they're real good people, they will help you out. You have to talk to them and keep them in the loop and they'll treat you right and put you in something really nice that you can afford.”