Moving On. Moving Up, Moving In - Staff News
Last month, we learned about Josh Tanon's career as a chef. His knack for multi-tasking will come into play again because he's our new Sales Manager! Al Mosher has left us to continue his sales training programs, so we're glad that we'll still get to work with him. "I'm really looking forward to keeping to our mission here of helping people getting them the car they need for work, for school. With Tara and now Steve, we have a great team. Everyone really cares about our customers," said Tanon.
Steve Kulp, our new Sales Associate, is another customer-turned-employee. "I was a customer for a few years," said Kulp, "I was looking for a new opportunity and this came up. I love the camaraderie of this team, how we work together. It's great to help our customers. We've all been in tough situations and it's great that we can help people out." In his off time, Steve enjoys oil painting. Here is one of his works, entitled, "Unbridled."