Strive for Five! Casey Engarde's Story

Our Referral Program works. You can ask Luz Torres, who’s having her loan paid off June 11 after sending us five referrals. Today we’re talking to Casey Engarde, who just received $200 for his 4th referral. We asked how long it’s taken him to come this far and if he has any tips for his fellow Advantage Auto family members.

“I got the car about one year ago and I’ve been getting my referrals since that time. The first one was my cousin and then an old co-worker was talking about needed a car, so I referred her. Since then I’ve referred my brother’s girlfriend and this last referral - my 4th - came after I shared a post from the Advantage Auto Facebook page with my customer number. One of my mom’s friends saw it and I found out they were my 4th referral. That was a nice surprise! I’m working on my 5th referral now.”